Friday, September 28, 2007

How to earn more money by referring others

You can also earn extra money on GPT sites by referring new members (though you don't have to do this to get paid). You get a referral commission on whatever your referrals earn from completing offers and shopping cashback. Many sites also have referral contests.

Friends or relatives* make the best referrals. Give them some tips and recommend your favorite offers. Show them your first check. But there are many other easy ways to pick up referrals: Put your referral link or site in the signature of your email and any forums you belong to (however, make sure a forum doesn't have a rule against posting commercial links first). Post flyers at a supermarket or landrymat. Consider making some business cards to recruit referrals. Any time you sell something on eBay put one of your business cards in with the package.

Make your own blog or website that advertises your links. If you already have a site that receives a lot of traffic then consider putting a banner linking to your referral link. If not, then you should create a tips site like this one.

If you're having trouble getting people to sign up as your referral, you might want to try joining Getref. There you can earn credits by signing up for programs and then spend those credits to get people to sign up as your referral. I recommend requiring that they be in the US and complete at least one offer in order to receive credit.

*To prevent fraud, sites have a strict limit of one account per household (so obviously you may not refer people who live with you). Therefore you should also make sure that anyone you refer joins on their own home computer.

** Referral commission is entirely a bonus. In other words, it doesn't get deducted from your referral's earnings.

Getref is a great site where you can recruit referrals for all of the sites discussed here.


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